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Ron Gorchov: Fields of color floating

Harry Swartz-Turfle of Daily Gusto reports on Ron Gorchov’s lecture at the Studio School. “Speaking at the NY Studio School last night, artist Ron Gorchov recalled seeing a frustrated painter friend kicking work off a balcony in the mid-1960s. At that moment it occurred to Gorchov that ‘It’s important to […]


Nick Miller’s alternative studio

I’m always interested in artists like Nick Miller who have developed unusual studio solutions. Miller’s current show at the New York Studio School features paintings he made in the back of a 8′ x 13′ truck that he converted into mobile studio. The larger paintings, built up with small clotty […]


The meaning of making

In a recent NY Times art review, Roberta Smith lamented the fact that the current crop of artists seems to have opted out of skill-building courses like painting and drawing, replacing the direct connection to materials with theory and artspeak. Building a “density of expression,” she suggests, is learned not […]