“In Her Own Right: Minnesota�s First Generation of Women Artists” at the Minnesota Museum of American Art

Marianne Combs in a Minnesota Public Radio broadcast about pioneering work by Minnesota’s first professional women painters: “Any story about American women artists involves grit and determination, even today. But this is particularly true of these first Minnesota women. The exhibition, titled “In Her Own Right” focuses on five painters. Minnesota Museum of American Art Curator Theresa Downing says they stood out not only for the strength of their work and the length of their careers but also for their leadership. ‘Several of them founded art galleries, artist colonies, they taught in our institutions. So that history–not only their work but their contributions to art-making in Minnesota–is quite compelling,’ says Downing.” Artists: Frances Cranmer Greenman, Alice H�gy, Clara Mairs, Josephine Lutz Rollins and Ada Wolfe. Read more. Hear Audio. See images. “In Her Own Right,” Minnesota Museum of American Art, St. Paul, Minnesota, through October 28.

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