Fadia Haddad retrospective: fluttering between the chaos of life and death

Farah Aridi writes in The Daily Star: “Amid the mayhem of Lebanon’s current crisis combo of security concern, political deadlock, institutional meltdown and existential dread, there is still some respite to be found in art. Many galleries in the Lebanese capital have suspended their exhibitions for the summer. Others have postponed single-artist shows and are exhibiting gallery stock until the situation in the country stabilizes. A rare and courageous few are continuing their programming as planned. One such gallery is Alice Mogabgab, whose quiet, colorful first-floor space overlooks the raucous main drag that runs through the neighborhood of Gemmayzeh. From now through the end of September, Mogabgab has turned over her gallery to a 15-year retrospective for Fadia Haddad, a Lebanese artist who lives and works in Paris.” Read more. Fadia Haddad’s exhibition is on view at Galerie Alice Mogabgab in Gemmayzeh, Lebanon, through September 31.

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