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Yellow Chair Salon Introduces Symposia!

As the Yellow Chair Salon starts its fourth year, we are excited to introduce Symposia!, a six-month intensive virtual program created for artists with an advanced studio practice. It is a rare opportunity to work with some of the leading artists, educators, gallerists, and critics in contemporary art. 

Our esteemed 2024 Faculty Advisors include Deborah Dancy, Judy Pfaff, Jennifer Samet, Kyle Staver and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung. 

One of the aspects of Michael David’s gallery, Life On Mars, that he was most proud of was the shared spirit and energy of the creative community that formed around the gallery. On Sundays, anyone who would drop by the gallery would take a photo sitting in that now infamous beat-up yellow chair. 

At the outbreak of the pandemic, through a series of ‘call and response’ posts David made on Facebook, a community grew over an extended period, akin in spirit to the gatherings in the gallery around the yellow chair. Thus, the Yellow Chair Salon was born. The program then expanded into creating virtual residencies, salons, and a mentoring program on Zoom during the early days of fear and isolation.  

With a series of stellar guests, the Yellow Chair Salon became something closer to a digital Black Mountain College, where artists teach artists. As the level of the artists’ evolved, it became evident that an exhibition would be necessary. 

Symposia! is the latest addition to the YCS programming. A highly-respected panel of curators, critics, and artists will review applications and determine admission. The panel includes Jason Andrew, Deborah Dancy, Michael David, Brenda Goodman, Judy Pfaff, Jennifer Samet, Kyle Staver, and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung. 

How Symposia! works:

  • Artists will meet twice monthly on Zoom (once a month with Michael David in an hour-long private one-on-one, as well as once monthly with David, a faculty advisor, and three group mates in a two-hour salon)
  • There will be in-depth critiques of artists’ work on a consistent basis to help move their work forward, led by faculty advisors through group discussions. 
  • There will be suggested reading, research, and discussion on professional practices in preparation for the exhibition.
  • There will be visits from guest lecturers, including gallerists, artists, and critics.
  • This program will culminate in a four-person show in 2024/2025 at M. David & Co., formerly Life On Mars, a Brooklyn gallery that has been instrumental in advancing the careers of many artists over the last decade.

To learn more about Symposia! and other programming available at the Yellow Chair Salon, visit our website at

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