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A three-hour tour: Selected Bushwick galleries

Contributed by Sharon Butler / As some readers may remember, I went to the University of Connecticut for my MFA degree, and until last year, I taught an MFA seminar up in Storrs. These days my schedule doesn’t allow taking those beautiful foliage tours up to Storrs each week, so I invited the first- and second-year students for an afternoon tour of galleries in Bushwick. Fully funded, just like back in the day when I went there, UConn offers generous studio space in a bucolic setting, which gives the students time to think and make work without distraction. Every now and then, though, they like to emerge from their capacious studios to see what’s on view at the NYC galleries. We met at 56 Bogart, wound around the neighborhood, and ended at Sardine. Here’s a selection of the work we saw, with links in case readers can’t visit IRL.

Michelle Vaughn and Lara Nasser at “Editions + Friends,” Theodore:Art’s mini print fair. Yes, I agree: FUCK 2016.
Jessica Cannon at Honey Ramka
Marcy Rosewater makes elegant paintings of the backs of paintings. “Painting on location, Rosewater’s work often depicts static moments found in utilitarian spaces.  At Studio 10.
Sharon Lawless, Alien, 2017, hydrocal, flashe, synthetic turf and fake fur on plywood armature, 72.5 x 19 x 19 inches. At Robert Henry Contemporary.
Petra Nimtz, I Got Your Back, Baby #2, 2017, acrylic on linen, 36 x 25 inches. At Soho20.
Kyoung eun Kang at NurtureArt.
Patrick Carrara’s daily drawings and Janet Passehl’s fabric objects at Odetta.
Myeongsoo Kim at Present Company.
Jessie Rose Vala at Present Company.
Travis Fitzgerald at Interstate Projects. I am glad the unicorn finally escaped from the pen.
Didier William at TSA New York.
Kyle Vu-Dunn presents paintings with a three-dimensional component at Sardine.
The gaggle of MFA students from the University of Connecticut  who joined me for the Bushwick tour. Great to meet you all and thanks for the pint!

The three hour tour (in order) included:

Friends + Editions,” Theodore:Art, 56 Bogart Street.
Standards of Living: Jeffrey Tranchell and Michael Wetzel,� Honey Ramka, 56 Bogart Street.
Jessica Cannon: Rapid Cycle,” Honey Ramka, 56 Bogart Street.
In & Out: Kate Teale and Marcy Rosewater,” Studio 10, 56 Bogart Street.
Sharon Lawless: Reusable,” Robert Henry Contemporary, 56 Bogart Street.
Petra Nimtz: Unwritten,”  Soho20 Gallery, 56 Bogart Street.
Kyoung eun Kang: 1402 Seok-Dong,” NurtureArt, 56 Bogart Street.
Appearance: Patrick Carrara, Janet Passehl,” Odetta, 224 Cook Street.
Rachel Rossin: Peak Performance,” Signal, 260 Johnson Street.
Dusk to Dusk: Myeongsoo Kim and Jessie Rose Vala, Present Company, 250 Johnson Street.
KARSHAN – SCHLITZ: IN DIALOGUE,” Silas von Morisse, 109 Ingraham Street.
“Travis Fitzgerald: Until Adwaita
,” Interstate, 66 Knickerbocker Avenue.
Anita Thacher: Anteroom,” Microscope, 1329 Willoughby Street.
In Search Of: Aidan Koch and Dawit L. Petros,” Transmitter, 1329 Willoughby Street.
Didier William: We Will Win,” TSA New York, 1329 Willoughby Street.
Kyle Vu-Dunn: Leaves Don’t Thank the Sun,”  Sardine, 1329 Willoughby Street.


Note: If you would like to arrange a gallery tour for your BFA and MFA students, send an email to with STUDENT GALLERY TOUR in the subject area.

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  1. Y’all made the rounds! Great stuff!

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