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Images: Becky Brown, Annette Cords, and accidental poetry

“Cognition-Stroll: Becky Brown and Annette Cords,� installation view at Project:ARTspace.

According to the press release for �Cognition-Stroll,� a collaborative exhibition on view at Project:ARTspace that features Annette Cords and Becky Brown, the hyphenated term is a literal English translation of the German compound word Erkenntnisspaziergang, which means “a practice of going out to gain deeper insight while walking.” Brown and Cords roam the streets of New York City, accumulating ideas from signage, graffiti, and other manmade incidents of urban life. They consider legibility, meaning, and the inevitable misinterpretation that takes place over time. The lively exhibition, on view through July 28, includes Cords�s woven tapestries, Brown�s work on paper, and a collaborative wallpaper piece that incorporates snapshots the artists have exchanged over the past three years. 

Becky Brown, Writing Holding
Becky Brown, Pleasant View
Becky Brown, Numb Bonkers
Becky Brown, Hangup Anxiety
Annette Cords, Sine, 2013, hand-woven Jacquard tapestry, cotton, 40 x 43 inches. Image is from the artist�s website.

Cognition-Stroll: Annette Cords and Becky Brown,� Project:ARTSpace, New York, NY. Through July 28, 2017.

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