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Images: Danielle Dimston

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Danielle Dimston’s sublime watercolor images have an ethereal, other-worldly quality, as if they were the visual manifestations of a deeply meditative state. In her exhibition at Municipal Bonds, much of the work, spanning the last twelve years, focuses on creating the illusion of light through […]

Gallery shows

Images: Becky Brown, Annette Cords, and accidental poetry

According to the press release for �Cognition-Stroll,� a collaborative exhibition on view at Project:ARTspace that features Annette Cords and Becky Brown, the hyphenated term is a literal English translation of the German compound word Erkenntnisspaziergang, which means “a practice of going out to gain deeper insight while walking.” Brown and Cords roam the streets of New York City, accumulating […]


IMAGES: Student work

Since I skipped the art fairs last week, I had time to stop by a few vibrant (but short-run) student exhibitions. Here are images of promising work from “Thru-Line,” the Brooklyn College MFA program show and “Anti-Pro,” the Open Studio event at the New York Studio Residency Program. The BC […]


IMAGES: Susan Smith @ Junior Projects

Susan Smith’s timeless constructions, on view at Junior Projects through February 27, fuse the detritus of urban demolition with a Minimalist aesthetic, making order out of chaos and wittily evoking the Modern masters of De Stjil and later monochromists, such as Robert Ryman and Brice Marden. Biography: Born in Greensburg, […]


Images: John Walker

In February 2015, Julian Kramer wrote in Art in America: Walker belongs squarely in the tough-guy visionary camp of postwar British painting, along with paint-splashers and big-tube squeezers like Peter Lanyon and Roger Hilton. Like them, he mixes the coloristic exuberance of School of Paris painting with a Wordsworthian belief […]


Images: Ryan Hughes @ the Burnet Gallery, Minneapolis

When I was in Minneapolis I was introduced to Ryan Hughes at the Burnet Gallery, a commercial space in Le Meridien Chambers, a downtown hotel known for its jaw-dropping art collection. Hughes paints mundane objects, isolated on white canvases, that walk the line between representation and abstract. Seemingly drained of […]


IMAGES: Susan Mastrangelo

Born in NYC in 1951, Susan Mastrangelo attended the Kansas City Art Institute and the New York Studio School, and received her MFA from Boston University, where she studied with Philip Guston. After several years assembling hanging installations of two-sided figurative paintings, Mastrangelo has recently returned to wall-mounted work in […]


Image of the Day: Ellen Siebers

  I stopped by Matteawan Gallery in Beacon yesterday to check out Ellen Siebers’ winsome show before it closes on Sunday. Siebers paints an assortment of objects from memory, some recognizable and some not, on a small scale and using neutral color, recalling the simplicity of Shaker design. “With every […]


Images: Theresa Hackett

In my search for a summer studio sublet, I recently discovered Theresa Hackett’s superb abstractions. Full of delicate color combinations and seductive textural contrasts, Hackett’s paintings reference landscape, architecture, textiles and the modernist grid, which she breaks down and idiosyncratically reconstitutes in odd, refreshing, ways. Her paintings present a kind […]