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Born in NYC in 1951, Susan Mastrangelo attended the Kansas City Art Institute and the New York Studio School, and received her MFA from Boston University, where she studied with Philip Guston. After several years assembling hanging installations of two-sided figurative paintings, Mastrangelo has recently returned to wall-mounted work in a series of impressive figurative collages made by adhering shapes of brightly patterned fabrics to fiberglass scrim with acrylic binders.

[Image at top: Susan Mastrangelo’s Brooklyn studio.]

Susan Mastrangelo, Warrior One, 2015, fabric on fiberglass scrim, 31 x 40 inches.

Susan Mastrangelo, Power, 2015, fabric on fiberglass scrim, 40 x 40 inches.

In November, a selection of Mastrangelo’s new work will be on view at The Painting Center  in “Ulterior Motif,
an exhibition curated by Naomi Cohn that “reassesses and repositions
ornamental pattern as a primary carrier of meaning in a contemporary
context.” Other artists in the show include Linda
Daniels, Anoka Faruqee, Hermine Ford, David Fratkin, Glenn Goldberg,
Elisabeth Kley, Cal Lane, Jill Levine, Colin Thomson, Susan Wanklyn, Max
Warsh, and Jessica Weiss.

 Susan Mastrangelo’s Hall Street studio.

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