Printmaking Monday: I’m a steamroller baby


This weekend the Garrison Art Center celebrated their 50th Anniversary with “Rollin on the River,” a woodblock printing event that featured a steamroller, a parking lot, a lovely view of the Hudson River, and a bunch of 8 x 6 foot sheets of plywood.

“We had a beautiful day,” artist Leslie Kerby reported. “About 18
artists created large woodblock prints up to 8′ x 6′, families with kids
participated creating lino cuts and collographs by gluing a variety of
textured pieces onto paper to create a relief print.”

Leslie sent the following snaps that show the printing process, the
steamroller and some of the final prints. Besides Kerby, the
participating artists included Jett White of Totemic 17, Susan English, Duvian Montoya, Laura Kaufman and Thomas Huber

Kerby inking her woodblock

Totemic 17
Susan English

Printing English’s woodbloclk.

Printing Kerby’s woodblock.
Duvian Montoya
Lisa Kaufman
Thomas Huber

Makes me wonder how much it costs to rent a steamroller for the day. Thanks, Leslie, for the report.


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  1. Looks great – captures the day – thanks for posting!

  2. Wonderful photos of a truly spectacular event!

  3. Chumley (New York)

    Nice little post. I'm sure James Taylor himself, being a churnin' urn of burnin' funk, would approve.

  4. Nice post.. Its interesting to see these photos… 🙂
    Jaslynn, Bizbilla

  5. pretty awesome! Great physical, creative energy!
    thanks for posting this

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