Kevin Zucker: Fiction painter

At 11 Rivington and 195 Chrystie, Keven Zucker (American, b. 1976) presents views from hotel balconies. Reducing his photographic source material to diagonal lines of pastel-colored pixels that mimic driving rainstorms, Zucker makes inkjet prints and transfers them onto large-scale canvases. Defying their analytic origin, the images are surprisingly poignant.

Keven Zucker. All images courtesy of 11 Rivington.

 Kevin Zucker, installation view, 195 Chrystie. 

 Installation view.

Also included in this quietly engaging exhibition is a case of text drawings made with a
ballpoint-pen plotter. Formatted like personal correspondence, the plotted text describes images that Zucker found online. Printed on images of blank stationery
from Martin Kippenberger’s posthumously published book No Drawing No Cry,  Zucker’s
letters are pure fiction, conjuring places and experiences that Zucker has
never known. Holed-up in the studio, Zucker, like so many artists and writers, trawls the Internet for material, constructing fantasies
from other people’s snapshots and memories.

Kevin Zucker: No Hotel,” 11 Rivington Street and 195 Chrystie Street (2 locations), Lower East Side, New York, NY. Through December 22, 2012.


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