Studio update: Bushwick paintings

I haven’t done a Studio Update post since I moved to the new studio in Bushwick, so if readers are interested in what I’ve been working on, check out Paul Behnke’s recent post. Paul, whom I met at the NurtureArt Benefit a couple years ago (I selected his painting), has a studio around the corner, and last week he came over for a visit. We had a great conversation about painting, he took lots of pictures and then wrote about it on Structure and Imagery. The new paintings reference the contingent architecture and rooftop structures in the neighborhood.

 Pile of finished paintings and canvas scraps on the floor of my studio. Image: Paul Behnke.
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  1. Sharon,

    I really do like the new work you are doing. It has a freshness (albeit a wrinkled one) that I like.

    I think of the best of Rauschenberg�s combine paintings, the early Russian Constructivists and Lars Swan�s work. It seems to be the antithesis of much current over produced, over fabricated art, and kudos to that.

    But beyond the formal aspects of the work, these pieces are about touch, the artist�s touch, something missing in a lot of art these days.

    All the best, Dana Kane

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