Quick Study: Geometry, gesture, and get outta town

Five paintings from Joanne Mattera’s beautiful “Diamond Life” series are on view in “Lush Geometry,” a handsome group show at DM Contemporary in New York through June 1, 2012. Other artists include Steven Baris, Richard Bottwin, Carole Freysz Gutierrez, and Louise Sloane. Mattera, who I suspect is frantically preparing for her International Encaustic Conference (June 1-3 in Provincetown, MA), recently posted an excellent tour of Kevin Finklea’s show at Fred Giampietro’s New Haven gallery.

 Joanne Mattera
 Steven Baris

Giampietro, whom I ran into last night at Michael Berryhill’s opening, leans toward painterly abstraction, very similar to John Davis’s aesthetic. In addition to Finklea, Enrico Riley’s looser, more gestural abstractions are also on view at Giampietro through May 25.

 Enrico Riley

Last night at Kansas I also ran into casualist painter Ariel Dill.  Dill, who has a completely unique sense of color, has a show up at Southfirst in Williamsburg through May 27. 

 Ariel Dill

And, speaking of John Davis, check out images of Ben La Rocco’s new paintings,
which are up through May 20. The range of exploration in La Rocco’s new
work is remarkable. I’m looking forward to May 26 when Martin
Bromirski, Rosanna Bruno, Heidi Pollard and, my pal from Nashville,  Mary Addison Hackett all have shows opening at Davis’s lovely Hudson outpost.
  Ben La Rocco at John Davis

  Mary Addison Hackett

SAVE THE DATE: Stay tuned for info about the first exhibition at Two Coats of Paint’s new Bushwick space. I’ve invited Austin Thomas of Pocket Utopia to curate a painting exhibition during Bushwick Open Studios (June 1-3). On Saturday, June 2, at 4pm, we’ll have an opening reception for the artists and conversation about painting. Please join us–it’s a celebration of Two Coat’s fifth anniversary!

The big-sky view from Two Coats of Paint’s new Bushwick HQ.

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