Last Chance: Idiot’s Delight at Janet Kurnatowski

Curated by Craig Olson, “Idiot’s Delight” at Janet Kurnatowski  is about joy, materiality, a wholehearted embrace of the impractical. “It�s an idiot�s delight, blowing like a circle around
our skulls, blowing through the buttons of our coats,” Olson writes in his statement.  “It carries and
encourages us to seek these improbable ends, the conception and the
increase. The soul of an idiot is always dancing on the end of her
tongue, even when fools rush in. It reminds us of the impractical
veracity that love truly is a many splendored thing, and life is brief!”

Hell yes! Enjoy these images I took at the opening in November.

Artists include Peter Acheson,
Katherine Bradford,
Jim Clark,
Tamara Gonzales,
EJ Hauser,
Ben La Rocco,
JJ Manford,
Chris Martin,
Thomas Micchelli,
Linnea Paskow,
Elisa Soliven,and 
Deirdre Swords. (NOTE: Please add artist info in the Comments–it’s been so long since I saw
the show, I’ve lost my notes.)

 Chris Martin
Peter Acheson
 Tom Micchelli
 Ben La Rocco (I love Ben’s new lighter direction)
 Tamara Gonzales (sorry-silver paint is hard to photograph)
 EJ Hauser going figurative.
JJ Manford
Deirdre Swords

 Katherine Bradford adopts a  Casualist approach with unprimed canvas and thin paint. Yowsa!
Linnea Paskow

Jim Clark

Ben LaRocco; S.H.

Idiot’s Delight,” curated by Craig Olson. Janet Kurnatowski, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. Through December 18, 2011. Highly recommended!


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  1. Scrolling down from the top, work is by:

    Chris Martin
    Peter Acheson
    Tom Micchelli
    Ben LaRocco
    Tamara Gonzales
    EJ Hauser
    JJ Manford
    Deirdre Swords
    Katherine Bradford
    Linnea Paskow
    jim Clark
    Ben LaRocco; S.H.
    Elisa Soliven

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