Tabletop projects at the 2012 College Art Association Annual Conference

Interdisciplinary artist Rachel Hines performs a work called Interview during ARTexchange in New York (photograph by Bradley Marks).

This year I’m helping organize (and co-host)  ARTexchange at the 2012 College Art Association Annual Conference. ARTexchange is an open forum for sharing work, and unlike many of the events at CAA, it’s free and open to the public. Last year more than 60 artists participated, and this year we have room for up to 75.  I’ll be live-tweeting and blogging about the event, and there will be an ARTexchange web page with links to individual artists’ websites, so if you’ll be at CAA, please plan on stopping by and/or participating. For faculty exhibiting work at ARTexchange, the event is considered “conference presentation” and may qualify for university travel funds. Woot!

More about ARTexchange: ARTexchange is an annual event showcasing the art of CAA members, who can exhibit their paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and digital works using the space on, above, and beneath a six-foot folding table. Artists may also construct temporary mini-installations and conduct performance, sound, and spoken-word pieces in their space. In the past, many ARTexchange participants found the event to be their favorite part of the conference, with the table parameter sparking creative displays. Of course, traditional media like painting and drawing are also welcome.

At the 2009 CAA Annual Conference in Chicago, readers may remember that I presented The Promotion Project–thanks again to everyone who contributed.

How to participate: To be considered for ARTexchange in Los Angeles, send your full name, your CAA member number, a brief description of the work you want to exhibit (no more than 150 words), and a link to your website to Lauren Stark, CAA manager of programs. Artists presenting performance or sound art, spoken word, or technology-based work, including laptop presentations, must add a few sentences about their plans. Accepted participants will receive an email confirmation. Because ARTexchange is a popular venue with limited space, early applicants will be given preference. Deadline: December 2, 2011.

The event takes place on Friday, February 24, 5:30�7:30 PM, in the Los Angeles Convention Center, and there will be a cash bar. For more info, check out the CAA website. ARTexchange is an ARTSpace program, organized by members of the Services to Artists Committee.

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