Images: Margrit Lewczuk

Margrit Lewczuk, small study on note paper.

Margrit Lewczuk had an exhibition recently at Janet Kurnatowski in Brooklyn where she showed several paintings and many small studies on paper. When I stopped in to see the show, Janet told me that Lewczuk’s travels to exotic places like Tunisia, Mexico, Mali and West Africa influence the rhythms, colors and mark making in her work.  Clearly the textiles, pottery, ruins, and ancient carvings Lewczuk discovers far from home fill her head with rich ideas and visual information. Last year  Roberta Smith wrote that Lewczuk’s paintings suggest “streamlined details from the Chrysler Building writ large and filtered through Graffiti Art.” Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see one of Lewczuk’s paintings on the side of a building?

 Margrit Lewczuk at Janet Kurnatowski, installation view.
 Margrit Lewczuk, detail of a painting. Click to enlarge.
Margrit Lewczuk, small study. Pencil on shaped graph paper.
Margrit Lewczuk, small study on note paper.

Margrit Lewczuk, installation view.

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  1. Lewczuk's paintings make me think of them having a mirror put in the middle of them so each side is a reflection of the other…a kind of buckled mirror.

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