Cleveland artist scores

  Julian Stanczak, “Constellation in Green,”2004�05, acrylic on board, 36 panels, each 16 x 16”

In The Plain Dealer, Steven Litt reports that Cleveland’s nonprofit and commercial galleries are knocking themselves out this fall, in the middle of a recession, to pay homage to scores of Cleveland artists. At this very moment, half a dozen key venues are showing more than 250 works by 100-plus local artists in shows that are selective, well focused, well organized and well worth seeing. Litt recommends a “handsome exhibition on the Op Art paintings of Julian Stanczak, who, at age 80, ranks as one of the most important artists in Cleveland’s history. The show captures the joy Stanczak finds in making precise geometric abstractions that tingle the eye with scintillating colors and vibrant patterns of line.” Stanczak asserts that his paintings remain “open to interpretation,” since as an artist, his creative process centers not on the
question of “‘what is it,’ but rather on ‘what does it do to you?'”

Julian Stanczak: Recent Work,” curated by Indra K. Lacis, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Cleveland, OH. Through January 10th, 2010

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  1. I love this work and have seen a bit before. Thanks for this.

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