Twitter notes

Here are some items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter feed. For readers unfamiliar with Twitter, “RT” indicates the item has been repeated, or “retweeted,” from someone else’s Twitter feed.

  1. Babelgum Metropolis announces big art prize, jurors are Isabella Rossellini and Cedar Lewisohn http://bit.ly/2HseOa
  2. Meet some of my colleagues http://bit.ly/HNDjI34 minutes ago
  3. RT @flavorpill: What happens when an accomplished artist in a field gets bored? They crossover. http://su.pr/1LPJuN5:21 PM Aug 31st
  4. RT @nytimesarts: Art Review | Jack Tworkov: A Modern Artist Who Wielded Both Pen and Brush http://bit.ly/3xbkpZ5:19 PM Aug 31st
  5. RT @TheOnion: Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids http://bit.ly/Cshwy4:54 PM Aug 31st
  6. RT @artwhirled: Pictures from Wet Paint Opening @ Steve Turner Contemporary http://wp.me/ppg8b-2W #artLA4:09 AM Aug 31st
  7. This year the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit adds awards for Contemporary and Abstract Art http://bit.ly/DAi0P3:28 PM Aug 30th
  8. Can ANYONE find an Arts Section in the Harford Courant?? I can’t. http://bit.ly/bc6wT11:54 AM Aug 29th
  9. The new Two Coats clubhouse http://bit.ly/10jFFi6:04 PM Aug 28th
  10. Connecticut Book Award finalists announced (and my husband’s book, Thinking Beyond the Unthinkable: Harnessing Doom from the Cold War to the Age of Terror, is on the list) http://bit.ly/o7OKV
  11. “The Headless Woman:” symbolic and narrative sudoku http://daily.greencine.com/…
  12. Visual Arts faculty mtgs might be more fun if we smoked cigarettes and got hammered like the guys at Sterling Cooper http://bit.ly/EQgUs
  13. The Perceptual Painters (a group of guys who paint in front of it) http://bit.ly/qwUm3
  14. Fruit: Rogue Community College Beginning Painting, fourth week: http://bit.ly/qRa20

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