Last chance: Geometrics II

From Joanne Mattera Art Blog:
“For “Geometrics II,” curator Gloria Klein selected 12 artists from the Geoform website. Geoform is a fabulous online resource dedicated to abstract geometric art maintained by Julie Karabenick. Gloria and Julie are two of the 12 artists in the show. The others are Steven Alexander, Laura Battle, Mark Dagley, Julie Gross, Michael Knutson, Bruce Pollock, Lynda Ray, Larry Spaid, Lorien Suarez and me. I’m not sure what drove Gloria’s selections–because the work ranges from hard edged and mathematically inspired to intuitive and more organically developed, and from maximal to minimal–but you can see from the installation that it works. All the paintings are modest in size, in keeping with the gallery’s modest (well, shoebox) proportions. Given the economic downturn, there was something comforting about the scale, though at one point artists and friends were packed in pretty much check by jowl.” Read more.

“Geometrics II,” curated by Gloria Klein. Gallery OneTwentyEight, New York, NY. Through April 19.

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