Moira Dryer’s creative process

Blake Thorne reports in the Kalamazoo Gazette that shortly after spotting work by Moira Dryer in NYC, Don Desmett, the director of exhibitions at Western Michigan University’s Gwen Frostic School of Art, wanted to curate an exhibit around her art. “Charismatic Abstraction” — featuring the work of Dryer, Mike Cloud, Chris Martin, John L. Moore and Dona Nelson — is what Desmett has put together. “Dryer, who died in 1992 of breast cancer at 34, broke out in the late 1980s, working outside of conventional restraints of the abstract community. In interviews, she called her paintings theatrical, a creative process that changes as she paints. Desmett said her approach emphasizes that the final product is about the production of the piece. Put more simply, the artists don’t know what they’re painting until it’s finished. ‘They really let the paintings have absolute control of the product,’ Desmett said. ‘They’re very spontaneous; they’re very active; they’re very energetic.'”Charismatic Abstraction,” curated by Don Desmett. Albertine Monroe-Brown Gallery of the Richmond Center for Visual Arts, Kalamazoo, MI. Through Nov. 25.


  1. I don’t mean to complain, but are sure this is in Richmond? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough on the right website. If it’s not, I won’t feel so bad about moving away 16 months ago and missing it.

  2. vc–Thanks for reading. You’re right– I got the location wrong. The Richmond Center for the Visual Arts is in Kalamazoo, Michigan, NOT Richmond.Thanks for the correction.


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