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Gallery shows

The uppercrust on display in “Wave Pattern”

Contributed by Jacob Patrick Brooks / The lofts of downtown New York occupy a special place in American art history. They functioned most importantly as incubators for Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s, eventually giving way to the galleries of the 1980s and 1990s. Today, the spaces once occupied by Barbara Gladstone, Pat Hearn, and Willem de Kooning have been replaced with Uniqlo, Nike, and expansive apartments for the super wealthy. In “Wave Pattern,” a downtown apartment show on the sixth floor of an unassuming Broadway building, art world scions Dylan Brant and Max Werner provide some relief from this cluttered, big-box nightmare. 

Solo Shows

Moira Dryer: Satisfyingly complete

Contributed by Laurie Fendrich / Moira Dryer (b. 1957; d. 1992) was among the first painters in the 1980s and �90s to reject minimalism and conceptualism and open things up for painting after what had seemed, to many critics and theorists, to be its endgame. These artists reintroduced references to […]


Moira Dryer’s creative process

Blake Thorne reports in the Kalamazoo Gazette that shortly after spotting work by Moira Dryer in NYC, Don Desmett, the director of exhibitions at Western Michigan University’s Gwen Frostic School of Art, wanted to curate an exhibit around her art. “Charismatic Abstraction” — featuring the work of Dryer, Mike Cloud, […]