Blogger shows: Bromirski and Burket

Blogger/painter Martin Bromirski has a show at John Davis Gallery this month. Check out his blog Anaba to see installation shots of the small abstract canvases hung in an old carriage house. “I’m very happy with the show, it looks great,” Bromirski posted after the opening. “I’m really into the space, and how the paintings look there. The walls are all concrete and cracked… “

Martin Bromirski: Circus on Mars,” John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY. Through Nov. 2.


Upcoming: Lovable Brent Burket of Heart as Arena has curated a show, “Unbreak My Heart,” which opens at Pluto on Nov. 1. Here’s an excerpt from Brent’s press release: “Bad shit happens, like, constantly. Quite frankly, I’m surprised we all aren’t in cardiac arrest by the time we’re 8. I’m not tipping you to anything new by pointing out that most of us make it past childhood, grow up, and drag our ‘long black bag’ of heartbreak along for the ride….”

Unbreak My Heart,” curated by Brent Burket, Pluto, Brookly, NY. Nov. 1-Jan. 18. Artists include Rosanna Bruno, Beth Gilfilen, Kate Gilmore, EJ Hauser, Robert Schatz, Luke Whitlatch.

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