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Solo Shows

Claudia Keep: Glistening moments of quiet drama

Contributed by Martin Bromirski / I first saw Claudia Keep’s paintings in a recent Jay Gorney Instagram post of her current show “Aubade” at March, in the East Village. The first of the three images Jay posted is of a swimmer, the figure all dashes of refraction under green waves, and the third image a summery painting of a small white garage dappled in sunshine and shadows from a nearby tree. Jay wrote, “small tender paintings.” I went to the gallery website to see more and was happy to learn that she lives here in Vermont, and we were able to set up a studio visit.

Gallery shows

Frankie Gardiner: Painting the unknown

Contributed by Martin Bromirski / Frankie Gardiner lives in an old house across from a barn at the curve of a narrow road. Her yard is almost overgrown, the forest is closing in. With the lights out inside her house, near the end of an August day, I visited to […]


Measuring Marlene Dumas

Roberta Smith on Marlene Dumas: “The consistency of this show suggests an artist who settled too early into a style that needs further development. Stasis is disguised by shifting among various charged subjects that communicate gravity in shorthand. Ms. Dumas�s painting is only superficially painterly. The photographic infrastructure is usually […]


Blogger shows: Bromirski and Burket

Blogger/painter Martin Bromirski has a show at John Davis Gallery this month. Check out his blog Anaba to see installation shots of the small abstract canvases hung in an old carriage house. “I’m very happy with the show, it looks great,” Bromirski posted after the opening. “I’m really into the […]


Publishing the unpublished: Coates on Bromirski

At anaba, Martin Bromirski has posted an unpublished review of his 2006 show, Art of This Century, written by painting pal Jason Coates. “When discussing Martin Bromirski’s one person show at Haigh Jamgochian’s wonderfully out of place Markel Building in Richmond, VA, it is quite possible to focus only on […]