Snaps of the 2008 Connecticut Biennial

Sal Scalora, former Director of UConn�s Benton Museum, and Janice LaMotta, owner of LaMotta Fine Art and former owner of Paesaggio Fine Art, have curated the Mattatuck Museum�s inaugural Connecticut Biennial, Speak to Me. According to their curatorial statement, �excellence in art making� rather than any specific theme was the selection criterion; thus, the work is conceptually diverse, and features new projects by young artists alongside work by older, well-knowns like Ellen Carey and Peter Waite. Take a look at these snapshots, check out the links provided, and try to guess which artists each curator selected. My choice for “Best in Show” goes to Gene Gort’s video, Narcissus O.C.D. (click for an excerpt). Gort describes the video, in which a dog tirelessly tries to catch his image reflected in a pool of water, as “curious, funny and melancholic.” I think it’s a perfect metaphor for my life in the studio.

2008 Connecticut Biennial: Speak to Me,” curated by Salvatore Scalora and Janice LaMotta. The Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT. Through Jan. 11, 2009. Artists in the exhibition include Krysten Bailey, Diane Brainerd, Ellen Carey, Deborah Dancy, Steven DiGiovanni, Ted Efremoff, Sam Ekwurtzel, Letty Fonteyne, Gene Gort, Zbigniew Grzyb, Nathan Lewis, Christopher Mir, Olu Oguibe, Yolando Vasquez Petrocelli, Caleb Portfolio, Kerri Quirk, Nelson Ramirez, and Peter Waite.

A complete post with images of each artists’ work can be found at Connecticut Art Scene.

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