Revisionaries: Tad Wiley, Laurie Fendrich, and Luke Gray at Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder/Project Space, which has primarily focused on historically rooted abstract art, is having its first exhibition of contemporary painting. In the NY Sun Stephen Maine writes that Snyder’s show offers “the delicious paradox of a tightly curated exhibition attesting to the fecund sprawl of contemporary abstract painting. The show’s title, “?Abstraction,” implies that no single modifier of ‘abstraction’will suffice to characterize a currently dominant trend; reductive, gestural, and hard-edge proclivities are represented by accomplished mid-career painters. As always, more interesting than genre classifications are specifics of procedure, and Tad Wiley, Laurie Fendrich, and Luke Gray have adopted distinct approaches to the central issue of abstract narrative: revision.” Read more.

?Abstraction,” Gary Snyder Project Space, New York, NY. Through August1.

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