Marlene Dumas: Contented Bohemian

In the NY Times Magazine Deborah Soloman profiles Marlene Dumas. “‘I never learned to ride a bicycle, and it is too late now,’ Dumas told me with a hint of pride, before going on to list her other negative achievements. ‘I never learned to drive. I never learned to swim.’ At 54, Dumas is a jovial and garrulous presence, with a tangle of blond curls and fair skin. She speaks English with a heavy accent, in a wheezing, thinned-out voice. ‘I was so pleased when I read that Rossellini loved to lie in bed,’ she continued, referring to the Italian filmmaker, a confirmed hypochondriac who, she discovered, would take to his bed for two or three days at a time, reading thick novels. ‘Now people do exercise, and they have hobbies, and they take holidays,’ she said. ‘I am not one of those. I don�t go to a psychiatrist. I don�t go to a gym. I run away from my accountant, I run away from my dentist. They are all supposed to help you, but I like to stay in bed, where I have a chance to reflect, like Rossellini.'” Read more. Check out the slide show.”Marlene Dumas: Measuring Your Own Grave,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA. Opens June 22.

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