Piet in Pitt

If you’ve never been to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, you probably haven’t seen many of the Piet Mondrian paintings on view at the Andy Warhol Museum this summer. A leader in abstract painting of the twentieth century, Mondrian (1872 -1944), was best known for Neo-Plasticism, which he explained as the absolute harmony of straight lines and pure colors underlying the visible world. In the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Kurt Shaw asks “Who was Piet Mondrian? For the uninitiated, just remember those funky bottles and jars of the L’Oreal Studio Line of hair care products introduced in the mid-1980s. You know the ones — the pared down packages with spare designs of primary-colored squares and black lines. Never mind that every fashion designer from Yves St. Laurent to Christian Louboutin borrowed the Dutch artist’s iconic gridded composition of yellow, blue and red for everything from cocktail dresses to platform shoes.” Hmm…when you put it that way, it seems like a perfect show for the Warhol Museum. Read more.

Piet (Mondrian) in Pittsburgh,” Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA. Through August 31.

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