Anne Seidman’s oddball forms

In the Philadelphia Inquirer Edith Newhall calls Anne Seidman’s paintings acts of faith rendered in color on rag board. “Since her show here three years ago, her compositions of shapes have become less reminiscent of views of city buildings and more suggestive of close-up exteriors and interiors. (Perhaps that’s why they share an uncanny affinity with the room they’re in). Though abstract, they can bring Sarah McEneaney‘s domestic scenes to mind – minus the figures, animals and furniture – while her thickest, glossiest puddles of paint and oddball forms veer in the direction of the Austrian master of awkwardness, Franz West. You wonder what prompted them, how her slightly off-kilter geometric shapes keep their precarious balance, and how they can be so different but pass for cousins.” Read more.

Anne Seidman: Touching,” Schmidt Dean Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Through June 7.

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