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Sharon Louden’s animated drawings in Philadelphia

In the Philadelphia Inquirer, Edith Newhall writes about Sharon Louden’s installation at Gallery Joe: If you’ve seen Sharon Louden’s paintings and drawings, you’ve noticed how her transparent, pudgy, colored lines look as if they’re zipping and morphing across their all-white backgrounds like so many kids set loose on a playground, […]


Bruce Pollock: Nothing is what it seems

In the Philadelphia Inquirer Edith Newhall reports that Bruce Pollock’s new paintings at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery represent a two-dimensional distillation and multiplication of the sculptures he made in the early 1980s. “They employ some of the same geometry (albeit a miniaturized version) and sublime coloration as the sculptures. But you could […]

Solo Shows

Clara Fialho loves love

In the Philadelphia Inquirer Edith Newhall reports that Queens-based Clara Fialho is the latest Brazilian artist to bring vivid color back to Brazilian painting in her show this month at Bridgette Mayer in Philadelphia. “Fialho’s fanciful paintings search further back for inspiration than Beatriz Milhazes‘ mash-ups of modernism and psychedelic […]


Kate Bright’s silent winters in Philadelphia

London-based painter Kate Bright presents eight new paintings which, like her previous work, depict snow-laden trees. The tightly cropped images of the freshly-fallen snow are painted from both memory and photographs. In The Philadelphia Inquirer Edith Newall reports that the scenes, which are covered in glitter to create the effect […]


Anne Seidman’s oddball forms

In the Philadelphia Inquirer Edith Newhall calls Anne Seidman’s paintings acts of faith rendered in color on rag board. “Since her show here three years ago, her compositions of shapes have become less reminiscent of views of city buildings and more suggestive of close-up exteriors and interiors. (Perhaps that’s why […]


Jennifer Bartlett revisits dotty grids

In The Philadelphia Inquirer, Edith Newall reports that Jennifer Bartlett has returned unambiguously to her past in her current show at Locks Gallery. “At 97 feet long, and taking up two entire walls of the gallery’s second-floor space, Bartlett’s sprawling new plate painting, ‘Song,’ may be second in monumentality to […]


James Nelson’s coiling, sausagey shapes

In the Philadelphia Inquirer Edith Newhall reports that the faint, lacy pencil-rendered patterns in James Nelson’s drawings of a few years ago have given way to bolder, darker, charcoal ones. “Nelson’s recent drawings from his series ‘Head of a Girl (in play),’ at Gallery Joe, also introduce obvious humor to […]


Painted word and reductive abstraction in Philadelphia

“Anthony Campuzano: Note on Door,” Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Through Oct. 27. “Kevin Finklea: I know what I want and I’m certain I can’t have it,” Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Through Oct. 27. Edith Newhall reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Campuzano’s paintings convey a sense of potential menace lurking in […]


Robert Zakanitch in Philadelphia

“Robert Zakanitch: Lace Series,” Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Through Sept. 29. Edith Newhall reports in The Philadelphia Inquirer: “A founding member of the 1970s ‘Pattern and Decoration’ movement, Robert Zakanitch has always been an unapologetically exuberant painter who does what he loves….Zakanitch, who began this series in 1999, made six […]