The utopian promise of Modernism at the Aldrich Museum

�Painting the Glass House: Artists Revisit Modern Architecture� presents 2-dimensional work that explores the architecture and utopian ideas of the modern period. �The artists are less interested in the built structures themselves and what it might feel like to be inside one, and more interested in the philosophy and idealism they represent,” curator Jessica Hough suggests. “The way in which the buildings signal a possibility of utopia is essential�a future that could have been. Sentimentality runs through much of the work.� In the NYTimes, Benjamin Genocchio writes that Modernist buildings � whether in Europe, South America or the United States � were designed to achieve standardization, largely for cost and functionality. “Every feature could be inexpensively duplicated. What is endearing about the works in both locations is how lovingly the artists have embraced the individual buildings � photographing, painting or recreating them with thought, feeling and emotion. They infuse the impersonal with the personal, with affecting results….These buildings have probably never looked better.” Read more.

Painting the Glass House: Artists Revisit Modern Architecture,� curated by Jessica Hough and M�nica Ram�rez-Montagut. The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT and he Yale School of Architecture Gallery, New Haven, CT. Through July 27. Artists include Alexander Ap�stol, Daniel Arsham, Gordon Cheung, David Claerbout, Angela Dufresne, Mark Dziewulski, Christine Erhard, Cyprien Gaillard, Terence Gower, Angelina Gualdoni, Natasha Kissell, Luisa Lambri, Dorit Margreiter, Russell Nachman, Enoc Perez, and Lucy Williams.

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