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Powhida on Biden: A man for this season

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / The art that accompanies magazine articles usually seems decorative and functional, there merely to cheer up black-and-white text and interrupt regimented columns. Rarely does it well-nigh embody the article itself. William Powhidas portrait of Joe Biden, centered below the title of Fintan OTooles To Hell […]


Elizabeth Peyton’s status update

Elizabeth Peyton’s paintings, based on photographs, can be read in chapters, each of which feature portraits of friends, family, personal heroes, and, of course, fleeting passions. In October, The New Museum is presenting Peyton’s first big museum survey, “Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton,” which will feature over 100 pieces made over […]


The utopian promise of Modernism at the Aldrich Museum

�Painting the Glass House: Artists Revisit Modern Architecture� presents 2-dimensional work that explores the architecture and utopian ideas of the modern period. �The artists are less interested in the built structures themselves and what it might feel like to be inside one, and more interested in the philosophy and idealism […]


Checking in on motel art

“Bridge Motel,” Fremont, WA. One night only.“50,000 Beds,” throughout Connecticut. Through Sept. 23. The projects in the “Bridge Motel” let’s-have-a-show-before-the-developers-knock-down-the-building extravaganza were primarily oriented toward performance and installation, but painter Laura Corsiglia participated with a series called Slippage Drawings. “Slippage Drawing is both born and made. Looking to contain and […]