Mattera’s pics of the NY fairs

Joanne Mattera went into the New York fairs knowing that she couldn�t do the same kind of intensive reporting she does in Miami, so she went to view rather than report. But she couldn’t help taking a few snaps. “Perhaps not surprisingly, some of the same artists whose work I’ve liked in the past were the ones whose work I was liking at these fairs, and at the same galleries. I may never get to Dublin, for instance, but I’ve come to expect that the Rubicon Gallery will have something geometric by Ronnie Hughes, whom I’ve never met and whose work I know only through the art fairs, and that I will find it appealing. I also looked for Sarah Morris at White Cube, London; Imi Knoebel at Galerie Nacht St. Stephan, Vienna; and my new favorite, Mindy Shapero at Breeder, Athens, and was not disappointed.” If you follow her blog, you know she likes geometry, materiality and color. Check out the images.

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