Artist's Notebook

Non-bombastic: Blue and white, red

Sharon Butler, DryingRack, 2008, oil on canvas.

The fiercely-contested presidential election, energized by the Iraq debate, is bombarding us with patriotic imagery: the waving flags, the campaign buses plastered with candidate logos and slogans, the stars and stripes on bumper stickers all over town. I’m frustrated by the iconographic baggage imposed on cadmium red, titanium white and ultramarine blue. It’s difficult to squeeze these three simple colors onto the palette without conjuring either the patriotic fervor of the confident American or the doubting irony of the protester, but I’m trying anyway. See images.


  1. Sharon,
    It’s nice to see your work on this site. Thanks for the look. I particulatly like “The Drying Racks.” And you did manage to make the palette work in a non-iconic way.

  2. I’m going to start doing a regular Studio Update post every couple of weeks. Thanks for the feedback.

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