Brian Rutenberg: “I believe in the power of art that has strong ties to a specific place but also has universal berth”

Brian Rutenberg’s recent paintings are influenced by Cubism, which he calls the “delicious conflict between naturalism and abstraction or� bending the laws of nature to fit the laws of art,” but Hans Hoffmann’s influence is unmistakable. In The Village Voice, RC Baker reports that Rutenberg’s canvases may at first recall corporate-lobby paintings, “but he goes hammer and tongs at the medium, busting up colorful Hofmannesque slabs with cascading grids. There’s a ballast of dark rhombuses anchoring a number of these works, leavened by a descending, misty light, and while some of the chromatic collisions grate, others (such as a plummy black chunk against spring-green tendrils in 2008’s Calabash 2) bring a blunt lyricism to the fore.” Read more.

Brian Rutenberg: Palmetto,” Forum Gallery, New York, NY. Through April 19.


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