Isensee at Danese

On Joanne Mattera Art Blog, Joanne continues her hunt for geometric abstraction. She writes that Warren Isensee is kindling some retinal heat at Danese through Feb. 8. “There�s both a textile sensibility (like a Navajo chief blanket) and an architectural structure to the work (columned temples, perhaps) that come together to create intimacy and grandeur at the same time. They�d be hallucinogenic except that the palette is grounded in saturated earthen hues�like Fiestaware without the kitsch. On second thought, forget trippy. Those celadons and ochres, sienas and corals are rubbing up against one another to the point of retinal orgasm. Ahem, chromatic fervor.” Read more (and see some great installation shots).

Warren Isensee: New Work,” Danese, New York, NY. Through Feb. 8.

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