Eva Lake’s “Richter Scale” rocks Portland

Eva Lake: Richter Scale,” Augen Gallery, Portland, OR. Through Dec. 29.

Carolyn Zick at Dangerous Chunky raves over Eva Lake‘s new show in Portland. “Eva Lake�s exhibit is called “Richter Scale,” and with good reason. The paintings optically bounce off the wall as you enter the gallery. After having had the pleasure of following her work through a few years, this is definitely Lake�s strongest body of work to date, and there is a lot of it. Contained in 12″x12? panels are luscious colors each fighting for your attention – assembled in a variety of configurations across the walls….Eva has said she is aiming for each work to be an actual experience, and the live wire contrasting color combinations found in each panel do come alive. Electric is a good adjective to describe what surrounds you as you stand in Augen�s front gallery, and gorgeous is another – this is a painter who knows the depths of saturation.” Read more.

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