Pocket Utopia, a new artist-run gallery in Bushwick

“The Pierogi Show,” Pocket Utopia, Bushwick, NY. September 7 – September 30, 2007. Opening: Friday, September 7, 6 – 10pm
Artists include: Hilder Asgeirsdottir Jonsson, Clement Bagot, Claudia Barthoi, Lee Boroson, Bethany Bristow, David Brody, Tamar Cohen, Guy Corriero, Peggy Cyphers, Kate Drendel, Miriam Dym, Bruce Edelstein, clyde forth, Manfred Fuchs, Bill Gerhard, Fred Gutzeit, Michelle Ha, Theresa Hackett, Michelle Marozik, Mike Miga, Team Lump, Mika Yokobori.

ArtCal , a NYC art site that focuses on underknown galleries and artists, has selected “The Pierogi Show” as one of the ArtCal picks of the week. Pocket Utopia founder Austin Thomas says the gallery is an away-from center, off-center, exhibition, salon and social space. “As an artist-run space, Pocket Utopia wanted to pay homage to a pioneer of artist-run spaces in Brooklyn, Joe Amrhein. The Pierogi Flatfile, which now holds art from over 900 artists, also started by showing 20 artists in 1994 at Four Walls, another artist-run space. Pierogi is very much the same place as it was 13 years ago and it is also a very different place in an aggressive contemporary art world. Joe knows all 900 artists. I am presenting a pocket of Pierogi for us to get to know anew (a different 20), at a new artist-run space doing things in a very similar vein in a similar neighborhood, Bushwick, filled with artists.” Thomas also noted that Pocket Utopia serves egg rolls, not pierogies.

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