Unrehearsed expressiveness in art

Kenneth Baker in The San Francisco Chronicle recommends The Passionate Gesture: “Hackett-Freedmaninvites us to think about whether and how we can recognize unrehearsed expressiveness in art. Modernism staked itself on fresh starts, or faith in them, again and again. Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, Constructivism, on down to Pop Art, minimalism and conceptual art — all purported to originate or restart some project of formal, political or aesthetic progress. To this day, the search for something novel in individual temperament, or in the solidarity of an artistic cohort, has not abated, although nowadays the art market seeks it even more aggressively than do young artists themselves.� Read more. “The Passionate Gesture,” Artists include Bluhm, Diebenkorn, Ferber, Goldberg, Hofmann, Hodgkin, Kline, Lobdell, Neri, Vicente, Woelffer. Hackett-Freedman, San Francisco, California. Through Aug 31.

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