Neil Jenney resurfaces at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

In the NYTimes, Grace Glueck reports: “Whoa! Could this be the work of Neil Jenney, a star of the 1970s Neo-Expressionist movement, who first intrigued the art world with his so-called �Bad� paintings but has stayed away from the scene for many years?…Apart from their mild, unassertive message, what the paintings convey is that Mr. Jenney is a painter of remarkable technical skills whose feeling for color, texture and form can stand up to the best of the American landscapists that he has studied over the years.” Read more.

In the Boston Globe, Ken Johnson covers Neil Jenney’s show at the Aldrich Museum. “Neil Jenney sells his magically luminous landscapes out of his own studio. Although he has been included in the Whitney Biennial, the Venice Biennale, and many other important group exhibitions, he has not had a solo show of new works in a commercial gallery in almost 20 years. His last in an American museum was a small display at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1994. So the Aldrich exhibition is a rare and welcome opportunity to study recent works by this fascinating, richly idiosyncratic artist.” Read more.

“Neil Jenney, North America” The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT, through Sept. 3.

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