Georges de La Tour�s long forgotten nocturnes exhibited in UK

Laura Cumming in The Guardian: �It scarcely seems possible that there could be any old masters left to rediscover, yet so it is with the French painter Georges de La Tour, a figure almost as shadowy as his near contemporary Vermeer but much longer hidden from the public�.In its typically inventive way, Compton Verney is pairing the old with the new with a show of contemporary art inspired by shadows. The names in Shadows are big – Warhol, Boltanski, Laurie Anderson, Fiona Tan, Mona Hatoum – and the installation is pleasingly creepy. Ideas run low to high, from ghosts to the inevitable Plato and Freud, and naturally there is a glut of photography and film, media that live by shadows.�Read more. �Georges de La Tour: Master of Candlelight/ Shadows� Compton Verney, Warwickshire, through Sept. 9.

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