Clive Owen and George Clooney in forgers’ tale

Vanessa Thorpe reports in The Observer: “The extraordinary story of how British forgers John Myatt and John Drewe joined together to con art experts and some of the world’s most prominent private collectors over seven years is to be turned into a Hollywood film, with George Clooney and Clive Owen tipped to play the leading roles. Myatt and Drewe were convicted of fraud in 1998 and sent to prison. Myatt, who promptly admitted his guilt and repented, served only four months in jail and has become a celebrated figure in the art world. Drewe still professes his innocence, after serving a six-year sentence. But whatever the pair say about their plot, from the moment they were charged and their case went public, writers and film-makers have vied for the rights.” Read more.

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