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In the isolation hut

High Times, Hard Times: New York Painting 19671975 On Artnet, Jerry Saltz reviews this “saber-waving, opinion-altering show, for the simple if thrilling reason that it posits an art-historical missing link. Its composed entirely of abstract work made by painters who were born too late to be Pop artists or hard-core Minimalists, and who then tried to take the medium to less structured and splashy, more intuitive and experimental shores. On the sober side, “High Times” suggests that the best if only shot many people will ever have at recognition is if some diligent curator pieces together these missing links and presents the result. “High Times” does just that, focusing on a generation of artists, most born in the 30s and 40s, who altered art, however slightly, and who were then mostly forgotten. It offers a tantalizing glimpse at that up-for-grabs period beginning in 1967 when painting passed through what has been called “the eye of the post-minimal-conceptual needle” and 1975, when it was declared dead….” Read more.

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