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Interview: Justine Hill in Bushwick

I first saw Justine Hill‘s paintings in “Metamodern,” a 2015 group show at Denny Gallery that explored the contemporary fusion of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, and Primitivism. Her shaped canvases seem to jump off the wall with their unexpected amalgamation of Modern abstraction, postmodern humor, and the uninhibited brio of old-school […]


Studio visit: Elizabeth Hazan in DUMBO

Recently stopped by Elizabeth Hazan‘s studio to check out her glowing new abstractions–lyrical paintings that reference the landscape of her childhood. We talked about her process, color strategies, surfaces, and what it was like growing up with notable New York School painters Jane Freilicher and Joe Hazan as parents. They […]


Studio visit: Hermine Ford�s order and disruption

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Hermine Ford�s Tribeca loft, which she and her husband, painter Robert Moscovitz, purchased decades ago, comprises their home and her studio. The space radiates art. Her father was abstract expressionist Jack Tworkov, and the living room�s centerpiece is a magisterial Tworkov painting. The adjacent studio, […]

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Studio visit: Sue McNally

Sue McNally is working on �This Land is My Land,� a series of large-scale landscape paintings, one for each of the fifty United States. During the summer months, she takes road trips to states she hasn�t visited, camping along the way, sleeping under the stars, and gathering material. She returns […]


Studio visit: EJ Hauser

One of the best things about spending summer in the city is having more time for leisurely studio visits with other artists. Recently I stopped by EJ Hauser’s spacious studio in Sunset Park to check out her new work. Hauser was the artist-in-residence last year at the University of Tennessee […]


Studio visit: Andrea Belag

  In a loft overlooking West Broadway in Tribeca, Andrea Belag employs large swooping brushstrokes and rich transparent color to create the illusion of space and light. When I stopped by the other day she was in the process of selecting work for her upcoming show at DCKT.   Belag’s […]


Part II: Los Angeles Report

Last week, Part I of my Los Angeles Report covered an outing to CB1 in the historic downtown neighborhood. Part II takes me south to San Pedro, a small neighborhood bordering the bustling Port of Los Angeles, east to an industrial area beyond the Los Angeles River, and then west […]


Margaret Murphy: Unavoidable truth

On Artfcity, Whitney Kimball observed, with some justification, that young artists these days seem broadly reluctant to incorporate confrontational political content into their work. But there are many salutary role models, from William Powhida and Jen Dalton to Marlene Dumas and Steve Mumford. Wedding heart and craft, Margaret Murphy should […]


Studio visit: Matthew Langley and the palette knife

My neighbor and fellow abstract painter Matthew Langley and I have always agreed that process is important–that how an abstract painter paints is as revealing as what he or she paints. At art school in the eighties and early nineties, during a period of intensely tactile materiality for abstract painting, […]


Brian Dupont's square texts

  Working on hollow, square, aluminum beams, Brian Dupont paints snippets of found text such as passages from Beckett, Richard Serra’s verb list drawing, and narratives written by friends. Dupont’s small-scale wall objects, reminiscent of the controversial rusted steel facade of the nearby Barclays Center, have a worn, weathered look […]