Elizabeth Hazan: A drawing’s path

A few weeks ago, I stopped by Elizabeth Hazan’s breezy, waterfront studio in DUMBO to see what she’s been working on since her two-person show at Janet Kurnatowski last year. Hazan’s paintings, comprising complex color relationships and interlocking shapes, reference maps and views from above, so our conversation veered naturally toward subjects such as continental drift, the well documented theory that all the continents were once one big landmass that has broken up and drifted apart over the course of geologic epochs. As Hazan showed me how she approaches her drawings, gradually moving collage elements around the paper like icebergs in the ocean, I made a little iPhone video. Unfortunately, the video was too dark and clumsy (handheld!), but later that day, Hazan sent me these images that show how the drawing progressed after I left. I love the way the light changes in each image–she must have worked from morning until night. The final version, at the bottom, was included in “Summer Snacks,” a recent group show at Kurnatowski.



Eight /Final. Hazan’s drawings and collages are studies for paintings on canvas.
 Hazan’s big drawing table.
The view (!)


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