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When Irish eyes aren’t smiling

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Martin McDonagh’s The Banshees of Inisherin is darkly comic — invariably mordant and occasionally hilarious. But the situational modesty and outward sardonicism are subterfuge. This is a stealthily grand film with weighty political and existential themes, framing McDonagh as contemporary cinema’s wisest bad-ass.

Artist's Notebook

A Journal of the Burren

Contributed by Frank Webster / In the month of October, I participated in the residency program at the Burren College of Art. During my stay, I hiked extensively documenting the region both photographically and in paintings. The Burren is an UNESCO Global Geopark located in County Clare in the west of Ireland. It is a geologically and environmentally unique area with a rich archeological, cultural, and historical legacy. Here are selections from my journal along with a few images from my travels.

Film & Television

Art and Film: A Belated 2021 Top Ten

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / When an arthouse revisionist western directed by an Australian woman and starring an Englishman dominates the Oscar nominations, it’s safe to say that the pandemic has not severely compromised the quality or vision of cinema, even if it has skewed the structure of the business towards streaming platforms and away from brick-and-mortar theaters.With the usual caveats about inevitable bias and subjectivity, here, in alphabetical order, is a defensible Top Ten for 2021.

Studio Visit

Studio visit: Lisa McCleary

Contributed by Sharon Butler / While I was a Visiting Artist at the Vermont Studio Center earlier this month, I met Lisa McCleary, an Australian-Irish artist who completed the MFA Program at Parsons in 2018. She was working on a series of intriguing paintings for “Edging,” a solo show that opens on […]