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Elizabeth Murray in Buffalo and for the ages

Contributed by Dana Tyrrell / From 1965 to 1967, Elizabeth Murray a towering presence in contemporary painting who died in 2007 lived and worked in Buffalo, New York. Having moved from San Francisco to teach at Rosary Hill College (now Daemen College), she used her time in Buffalo to build up to living and working in New York City. Elizabeth Murray: Back In Town, Anderson Gallery at the University at Buffalo, demonstrated that this interlude was formative to the canonically understood Elizabeth Murray.


Joan Snyder receives MacArthur genius award

The MacArthur Foundation profile of Joan Snyder declares that her paintings “mirror her personal experience, but, at the same time, the visual messages she provides through her images convey universal and readily understood emotions. Through a fiercely individual approach and persistent experimentation with technique and materials, Snyder has extended the […]


Criticism and geographic context

Regina Hackett blogs in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that critics’ choices and interpretations are informed by geographic context: “In Roberta Smith’s obit, Elizabeth Murray became a step in a fictional staircase, one of four painters — Philip Guston, Frank Stella and Brice Marden — who ‘during the 1970s rebuilt the medium […]


Elizabeth Murray: tributes and obituaries

In ArtForum, Linda Yablonsky reports that the “Elizabeth Murray Praise Day” at the Bowery Poetry Club, sponsored by Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro, “provided a blend of the poignant and the comic that threatened to bring it closer to a Saturday Night Live skit shredding avant-garde performance practice than an […]


IMHO: Elizabeth Murray, a neo-feminist icon

On Sunday, at her home in upstate New York, Elizabeth Murray died of complications from lung cancer. She was duly renowned as a passionate, energetic, and ambitious painter whose work is in collections all over the world. Yet Murray is rarely credited with helping to forge a neo-feminist vision of […]