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Selected paintings from SPRING/BREAK NYC 2021

Pictured: Rachel Nelson / Booth 1020, Personal Prayers & Daily Mantras: We�re All Just Burning Hell Money, But We Haven�t Even Died Yet, Curated by Secret Project Robot. Artists include Eric Copeland, Maggie Boyd, Erik Zajaceskowski, and Rachel Nelson.

Contributed by Fay Sanders and Bob Szantyr / Just in time to herald fall, Spring/Break comes back to New York for its tenth edition. Under the overarching title “Hearsay: Heresy,” more than 100 curatorial exhibitions embody a cautious but jubilant return to this customarily high-energy and immersive fair. This year much of the work engages our tenuous grasp on truth, as well as embracing Catholic iconography, shame and marginalization, medieval craft, and speculative and mythological imagery, which can be cast as heretical, at least from puritanical perspectives that have sometimes prevailed in the West. Painting holds its own quite well in the context of the floor-to-ceiling space takeover that Spring/Break is known for. Here are some of the paintings that stood out as we made our rounds.

Pictured: Guy Richards Smit / Booth 1017, Guy Richards Smit Makes Unreasonable Demands, Curated by Anna Moschovakis, Mina Takahashi, and Tianna Kennedy.
Pictured: Sahana Ramakrishnan / Booth 1102, woMANTRA, Curated by Sadaf Padder. Artists include Jaishri Abichandani, Sanie Bokhari, and Sahana Ramakrishnan.
Pictured: Daniel Morowitz / Booth 1125, Dogmatic Magic, Curated by Nicole Basilone and Daniel Morowitz. Artists include Nicole Basilone, Daniel Morowitz, and Mark Zubrovich.
Pictured: Matt Jones / Booth 1116, Heavy Show, Curated by Leonard Reibstein. Artists include Anton Bashkin, Sam Bornstein, Matt Jones, Eri King, Jessi Li, and Leonard Reibstein.
Pictured: Sam Bornstein / Booth 1116, Heavy Show, Curated by Leonard Reibstein. Artists include Anton Bashkin, Sam Bornstein, Matt Jones, Eri King, Jessi Li, and Leonard Reibstein.
Pictured: Jac Lahav / Booth 1158, The Closet: America�s Dressing Room, Curated by Jac Lahav, Tali Hinkis, and Jody Lyn-Kee-Chow. Artists include Maria de Los Angeles, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, LoVid, Kymia Nawabi, Kris Rac, and Jac Lahav.
Pictured: Chang Ya Chin / Booth 1163 and 1166, The Power, The Word, The Image: What is your Story? Curated by Queenie Wong. Artists include: Chang Ya Chin and Sonny Liew.
Pictured: Ashley Garrett / Booth 1123, It is the summer of meals interrupted by showers curated by Gold / Scopophilia. Artists include Ashley Garrett and Leah Tacha
Pictured: Moises Salazar / Booth 1001, Let�s Get Physical, Curated by Filo Sofi Arts.
Pictured: Holly Keogh / Booth 1003, The Glass Delusion, Curated by Goodyear Arts.
Pictured: Paul Gagner / Booth 1152, Curated by Julia Haw.
Artists include Noah Becker, Julia Haw, Alexis Nunelly, and Paul Gagner.

Fay Sanders is an artist based in Queens, NY. She received her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University and her MFA from Brooklyn College. She has shown with 601 ArtSpace and Flux Factory, and has an upcoming show at Field Projects this September and at Smith College in March 2022. Sanders has been an artist in residence at Vermont Studio Center, MASS MoCA, and Kimmel Harding Center for the Arts, and is a recipient of the 2021 Queens Arts Fund grant and the 2021 City Artist Corps grant. You can follow her on Instagram @faysanders_

Bob Szantyr is an artist living and working in Queens, New York. He received his MFA from CUNY Brooklyn College and his BFA from New York University. He has shown with 601 Artspace, Auxiliary Projects, Trestle Gallery, Galerie Jan Dhaese, Latchkey Gallery, and is in a show with co-author Fay Sanders, as well as Judy Chung and Judy Koo at Field Projects this September. You can follow Bob on Instagram @blahbert

Hearsay/Heresy,� Spring/Break Art Show / 625 Madison Avenue, New York, NY. Through September 13, 2021

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