Undergraduate Sketchbook: Phoebe Funderburg-Moore

Phoebe Funderburg-Moore, Sketchbook, 2017

“The practice of making my art public is a new one, because often drawing is a coping mechanism for me. Scanning & posting my drawings feels scary because my sketchbook acts as a visual diary of my life, but ultimately it seems worth the vulnerability.”

Phoebe Funderburg-Moore uses her sketchbook like a visual diary, reflecting�on experiences and collecting her thoughts. Along with the sketchbook practice, Phoebe makes�murals, comics, album covers, t-shirts,�and more. She grew up in�Philadelphia and currently�studies music and art at Goucher College�in Baltimore.�Last year Phoebe�went to Italy,�where she studied�art, learned Italian, and worked as an artist’s assistant. To see more�of Phoebe’s�work, click� here.

We will be posting pages from Phoebe�s sketchbook, and those of other undergraduate art students, throughout the year.

If you are an undergraduate student and would like to�submit work to the�Undergraduate Sketchbook feature, �send a note with scanned images�(Format:�840 pixels wide at 72 dpi) to twocoatsofpaint@gmail.com. Please make sure to put UNDERGRAD SKETCHBOOK in the subject line.�

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