Joan Mitchell Foundation 2017 grants: Artist Images and links

Amanda Williams, Newport 100/Loose Squares, 2015 (Overall) 2015.

The Joan Mitchell Foundation has recently named the�recipients of their 2017 Painters and Sculptors Grant Program. The grant program, consideration by nomination only, awards 25 under-recognized�artists $25,000�each year. This year’s�roster�includes:�Leonardo Benzant�,�Ruth Buentello,�Colin Chase,�Pamela Council,�Solomon Enos,�Jes Fan,�Ana Fernandez,�jonathan paul gillette,�Salvador Jim�nez-Flores,�Sonya Kelliher-Combs,�Riva Lehrer,�Joel Longnecker,�Michi Meko,�Drew Michael,�Arcmanoro Niles,�Pat Phillips,�Lucy Puls,�Analia Segal,�Rodrigo Valenzuela,�Derrick Velasquez,�Michael Wang,�Dwayne Wilcox,�Amanda Williams,�Antoine Williams,�Jenifer K Wofford

Sonya Kelliher-Combs
Solomon Enos
Salvador Jim�nez-Flores
Ruth Buentello
Rodrigo Valenzuela
Riva Lehrer
Pat Phillips
Pamela Council
Michi Meko
Michael Wang
Lucy Puls
Leonardo Benzant
jonathan paul gillette
Joel Longenecker
Jenifer K Wofford
Jes Fan
Dwayne Wilcox
Drew Michael
Derrick Velasquez
Colin Chase
Arcmanoro Niles
Antoine Williams
Analia Segal
Ana Fernandez

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