Invitation: A Symposium on Contemporary Painting

Hope Gangloff, After Party, 2015, acrylic and collage on paper.

Contributed by Sharon Butler / On Friday,�September 15, the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Maine College of Art in Portland is hosting a symposium�in conjunction with �”American Genre: Contemporary Painting,� a sprawling�exhibition curated by Michelle Grabner.�Please join us for the symposium, which will begin with morning coffee and an introduction by Grabner, and end with�an afternoon panel discussion and a closing reception. I look�forward to seeing the show and participating in the 2 pm panel discussion, moderated by Barry Schwabsky, that includes painters Angela Dufresne,Shara Hughes, painter-writer�Roger White, and art historian-curator Christopher Stiegler. The discussion is intended to be a community event,�so�the audience will be encouraged to take part during an extended (and, I hope, lively) Q & A session.

Here is the full schedule of events:

10:00 – 10:30� | �Coffee in MECA lobby
10:30� | ICA
Welcome from Gail Spaien
Introduction:�Why Genre:�Michelle Grabner, Curator
10:55 – 12:30��| ICA
Keynote:�Contemporary Genre Painting: Animating the Intimate
Marie Shurkus, PhD, Associate Professor, Chair Academic Studies, MECA
12:30 – 2:00��| �Lunch
Options Include:�MECA Cafe and Local Eateries
2:00��| �ICA
Introduction: Gail Spaien
2:15 – 4:30��| �ICA
Panel Discussion
Moderator:�Barry Schwabsky
Sharon Butler,�painter, writer
Angela Dufresne,�painter
Shara Hughes,�painter
Christopher Stiegler,�art historian, curator
Roger White,�painter, writer
5:00��| �ICA
Closing Reception
Institute of Contemporary Art at the Maine College of Art


About the exhibition (from the press release):

American Genre: Contemporary Painting�is an exhibition built on a triad of traditional painting genres: still life, landscape, and portraiture. Fifty-two paintings by fifty-two American artists offers a critical balance to the conditions of atemporality, affected responses, and the material turn shaping much of contemporary painting discourse. Alternatively, this exhibition employs historically recognized groupings of subject and forms. Genres incorporate and invoke structures of knowledge by performing classification. Deeply embedded in everyday life, genre is conspicuous and powerful in its ability to chart historical continuity and differences through its organizing forces.

Artists include:

Still Life:�Gina Beavers, Dana DeGiulio, Wendy Edwards, Francesca Fuchs, Hope Gangloff, Evan Gruzis, Angelina Gualdoni, Magalie Guerin, Jessica Halonen, Jonn Herschend, Tucker Nichols, Aliza Nisenbaum, Walter Robinson, Roger White, Griff Williams, Kelly S. Williams, Emi Winter, Mathew Zefeldt

Portraiture:�Herman Aguirre, Lucas Ajemian, Deborah Brown, Kristin Calabrese, Brian Calvin, Susanna Coffey, Angela Dufresne, Andreas Fischer, Howard Fonda, Richard Hull, Jos� Lerma, Keith Mayerson, Frank J. Stockton, Henry Taylor, Storm Tharp, Kehinde Wiley

Landscape:�Dan Attoe, Peter Barrickman, Amy Bennett, Michael Berryhill, Patrick Chamberlain, Ann Craven, Paula Crown, Cynthia�Daignault, Rackstraw Downes, Mari Eastman, Shara Hughes, Brad Killam, Eva Lundsager, Tyson Reeder, John Riepenhoff, Claire Sherman, Gail Spaien, Spencer Sweeney, Emily Sundblad



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