Anxiety and the art fairs, NADA edition

Shawn Powell
Alan Prazniak��@ 106 Green

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Thanks to the ongoing disaster known as the Trump administration, anxiety was in the air at the art fairs this year. Unconstitutional��deportation, hate crime, heedless�military intervention, political corruption, the impending�loss of affordable healthcare for 24 million people, and the failure�of GOP will to seriously investigate�palpable�indications�of the Trump team’s treasonous collusion with the Russians to skew the presidential election have created a nearly unprecedented level of tension and despair. Not to mention our concern for the exploding opioid crisis, which has touched everyone I know, and will unquestionably become much worse if Obamacare is repealed. Who has time to make art when there are protests to attend, representatives to call, and letters to write? Preoccupied�with�Twitter and the daily news, I sometimes wonder how Morandi managed to keep his famously�narrow focus during World War II. But getting�out to the fairs to�look at art made during this�historic moment relieved at least a little of my anxiety. Reconnecting with friends and colleagues was�good for the�spirit. Here is a selection of paintings�that caught my eye.

Elizabeth Russell
Elizabeth Russell�@ In-Ter-Face
Patrik Cruz @ Wil Abele Art Projects
Ryosuke Kumakura @ Patron
Samuel T. Adams
Samuel T. Adams @ Dutton
Jake Walker
Jake Walker @ Dutton
Patrick Brennan @ Halsey McKay
Joseph Hart @ Halsey McKay
EJ Hauser @ Regina Rex
Brenda Goodman @ Jeff Bailey
Jason Silva
Jason Silva @ Marvin Gardens
Naotaka Hiro
Naotaka Hiro @ Brennan & Griffin
Jeanie Riddle
Jeanie Riddle @ Antoine Ertaskiran
Walter Robinson
Walter Robinson @ S�bastien Bertrand
Christof Mascher
Christof Mascher @ Philip von Rosen
Brian Beloit
Brian Belott @247365
Odessa Straub
Odessa Straub @ September
Jerry Phillips, Willie Wayne Smith, and Dylan Spaysky @ Good Weather
David Hendren @ Five Car Garage
Lillian Martinez @ Ochi Projects
Omari Douglin @ Mrs.
Bridget Mullen @ Hometown
Dustin London @ Yours Mine Ours
Andrew Witkin
Andrew Witkin @ Theodore:Art

NADA New York,�March 2�5, 2017,�Skylight Clarkson North,�572 Washington Street,�New York, NY.

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  1. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you for sharing this note on the anxiety we all fear has polluted our art- making as WELL AS IT IS POLLUTING THE WOLRD. I was particularly struck by the work of David Hendren.

    I try to paint gardens. Voltaire had useful and wise advice.

    Barbara Kerstetter

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